PassMe DS mod-chip

The PassMe is an unofficial MOD for Nintendo DS cartridge slot. It is designed to
let the DS run unsigned pirated code through the secondary Gameboy Advance Cartridge slot.

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PassMe Nintendo DS MOD

DS PassMe mod-chipThe PassMe is an unofficial passthrough card that fits into the main Nintendo DS cartridge slot. It is designed to let the DS run unsigned code through the secondary Gameboy Advance Cartridge slot.

This is a temporary solution as writable Nintendo DS cartridges have yet to be designed and manufactured. An authentic DS cartridge needs to be attached to the PassMe for it to function.

The original PassMe only works with DS version 3 or below. PassMe2 works with all versions of the DS. There are several PassMe clones like SuperPass and PassKey.

Find more Nintendo DS Backup Devices go, PassMe information and sales. ... PassMe is a device designed by
Natrium42 based off of the first DS passthrough made by DarkFader using an ... - 14k - 10 Feb 2006 - Cached - Similar pages

PassMe Nintendo DS MOD Chip roms
Download Ninteno DS Roms. Play NDS Roms on DS Emulator using NintendoDS Flash
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Kelly Software - PassMe - my freeware PC Secure Access program!
This page tells you about my PassMe software! ... What is PassMe? PassMe is a
program that allows you to have password access to your PC. ... - 8

Commercial Passme clone · Enlarge. Commercial Passme clone. The PassMe is an
unofficial passthrough card that fits into the main Nintendo DS cartridge slot. ... - 11 - Shop
PassMe Webshop. PassKey with PassMe2 code. This booting device works with old
and new DS firmware, but it is DS card specific and requires GBA SRAM. ... - 9

NDSTech Wiki : Passthrough
The primary (read: only) means of running homebrew code on the Nintendo DS is
currently via a passthrough mechanism in the DS card port and a traditional ... - 17

Nintendo DS - Wireless Multiboot
PassMe is a device designed by Rafael Vuijk and me to run homebrew programs on the DS gaming console. PassMe2 is a modification of the design by Loopy to support newer DS firmware. Nintendo DS - Wireless Multiboot. Download · Image Gallery · Unofficial "WiFiMe"
tutorial & FAQ (this site was last updated on 2005/08/06) - 10

GBAtemp Forum -> PassMe Upgrade (aka. PassMe-2-Z) Review
A PassMe is simply intended to get the DS to read and run DS based data from ...
The "PassMe Upgrade" (or so it's called), is not far off the size of a real ... - 57

FileForum | PassMe
PassMe is a program that allows you to have password access to your PC. ...
With PassMe, it will force the user to enter your password. ...



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    * Concerning the Save Features & the PassMe it's still needed to have the same original NDS cartridge save type as the game we want to play (example : original DS game with 64k save type for the same game on SD/MMC ?) or will it be emulated like it's written in the features? so the only thing usefull with the original cartridge is the key check ? --- mk2/3 can auto detect all different save mode,and u can use any nds cart to boot but not need the same save size,all game save data will keep in the mk2/3,don't save to nds cart anymore.

    * in case we need the GBA flash cart what's the purpose of putting an SD/MMC slot ? --- SD/MMC can store many files,and can backup/restore the SMS file also.

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NDS Backup

  • LoadMe - a generic patcher for commercial DS roms that works with any GBA Flash Card,
  • PassMe - "mod-chip" using which takes authentication from an original DS card an allows execution of unauthenticated DS rom code from the GBA cartridge slot / GBA flash card.
  • FlashMe - a hacked firmware for DS that allows you to start code in DS mode from a flash card in the GBA slot.
  • WifiMe - are a set of a custom drivers and software by FireFly for RALink based wireless network cards enabling to boot homebrew code on DS via Nintendo Wireless Multiboot method.

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