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New NDS ROMS for download: Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Metroid Prime: Hunters 3 Animal Crossing: Wild World 4 Big Brain Academy 5 Mario Kart DS nds rom Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day 7 New Super Mario Bros. 8 The Rub Rabbits! 9 Tetris DS 10 Age of Empires: The Age of Kings Metroid Prime: Hunters Big Brain Academy 3 Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day nds rom download New Super Mario Bros. 5 Tetris DS 6 Age of Empires: The Age of Kings 7 Guilty Gear Dust Strikers 8 Super Princess Peach 9 Tao's Adventure: Curse of the Demon Seal 10 Pokemon Diamond rom


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Mario Kart DS is a racing game in which characters from the Mario universe race each other around also Mario-themed tracks. Power-up items, such as homing projectiles, speed boosts, and explosives can be found on each track in Item Boxes. Both skill in driving and use of items is important in Mario Kart DS. While racing, the top screen of the Nintendo DS displays a third-person perspective behind and slightly above the player's vehicle. The bottom screen lists the current race standings, items carried by each player, and a map of the course. The map can be toggled to show an overall view of the entire course, or a close-up view of the racer's immediate vicinity. The close-up view is very detailed, showing nearby racer positions, course hazards, item boxes, and even incoming attacks. As the closeup rotates in orientation to the racer, it is possible to do an entire race focusing only on the bottom screen.

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Mario Kart is a series of Nintendo racing games that feature characters from the Mario Bros. video game franchise. Mario Kart differs from many other racing games in that it does not seek to accurately simulate real world cars, driving conditions, or physics, making Mario Kart easy to learn, even for young children. The games are particularly popular as multiplayer games. Two-, four-, eight-, and even sixteen-way challenges are possible. The success of the game series led other companies to try (often unsuccessfully) to imitate the game with characters from their own franchises, as well as licensed characters from film and television.

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0434 New Super Mario Bros. 13.84 256MBit
0491 Big Brain Academy 4.54 256MBit
0427 Lostmagic 7.96 128MBit
0350 Pokemon Trozei 10.47 128MBit
0098 SD Gundam G Generation DS 10.06 256MBit
0396 Brain Age 4.65 128MBit
0122 Trauma Center - Under the Knife 7.83 128MBit
0056 Super Mario 64 DS 11.55 128MBit
0591 Nintendo DS Browser 3.29 64MBit
0560 Cooking Mama 7.15 256MBit
0340 Super Princess Peach 11.81 256MBit
0061 Bomberman 4.03 64MBit
0457 Brain Training 7.57 128MBit
0003 Yoshi Touch & Go 3.85 128MBit
0037 Super Mario 64 DS 11.54 128MBit
0366 Tetris DS 6.84 128MBit
0371 Worms - Open Warfare 8.86 128MBit
0658 The Sims 2 Pets 11.12 256MBit
0644 Pokemon Ranger 13.88 256MBit
0129 Zoo Tycoon DS 4.83 125MBit
0262 Electroplankton 7.66 128MBit
0119 Pokemon Dash 10.71 256MBit
1170 Sim City DS 9.66 512MBit
0002 Need For Speed - Underground 2 10.64 256MBit
0506 Nintendo DS Browser 3.57 64MBit
1084 Etrian Odyssey 9.73 128MBit
0022 Super Mario 64 DS 12.31 128MBit
0861 Izuna - Legend of the Unemployed Ninja 7.24 256MBit
1015 Pokemon Diamond 26.68 512MBit
0224 Elf Bowling 1 and 2 1.14 64MBit
0580 42 All-Time Classics 8.32 128MBit
0013 Yoshi Touch & Go 3.86 128MBit
0432 Pokemon Link 10.63 128MBit
0936 Puzzle Quest - Challenge of the Warlords 7.24 128MBit
0088 Advance Wars - Dual Strike 19.80 256MBit
0428 Trauma Center - Under the Knife 10.74 256MBit
0429 Lostmagic 8.00 128MBit
0157 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 10.60 256MBit
1093 Touch The Dead 10.83 128MBit
0034 Zoo Keeper 2.65 64MBit
0029 GoldenEye - Rogue Agent 8.75 128MBit
0582 Mage Knight - Destiny's Soldier 12.18 256MBit
1111 Diner Dash 3.87 64MBit
0669 Bomberman Land Touch 11.95 256MBit
0006 Polarium 4.73 64MBit
0368 Worms - Open Warfare 8.80 128MBit
0595 Club House Games 8.61 128MBit

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  • New Super Mario Bros. NDS Rom |
    Tales of the Tempest Publisher: Namco Role-Playing
    Electroplankton Publisher: Nintendo Puzzle
    Super Princess Peach Publisher: Nintendo
  • Pokemon Trozei Publisher: Nintendo Puzzle
    Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Publisher: Capcom
    Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll Publisher: Sega
    Guilty Gear Dust Strikers Publisher: Majesco Games
  • Age of Empires: The Age of Kings Strategy
    Metroid Prime: Hunters NDS Rom