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PSP hacking groups such as PSP-DEV and Sony-X-Team have released NO-UMD or ISO launchers to launch PRP ROMS games directly from the Memory Stick without the need of a UMD. One of the first games to have a launcher was Lumines; at first, the game could be loaded on a version 1.50 US PSP, but without sound.

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The "homebrew" software used to dump the contents of a UMD disc to a MemoryStick PRO DUO is known as a "dumper".

As of August 2005, the first batch of pirated UMD ISOs have been reportedly seen in Hong Kong for a price as little as HK $20 (less than USD $3, or £2).

Sony is swthching over to Digitale Media Downloads as a distributiom method for the latest PSPgo Games . PSP Go has a 16GB internal memory plus M2 memory card slot for expanding it.

Recently, however, Sony has so far stopped new games from being able to be played on a ISO loader. It's said that the firmware version (2.00/2.01/2.50) each have specific PRX's that these newly released games call for, and former versions (1.00-1.52) do not have, which would give you the error "FFFFFD3". Several methods have been used to make 2.00 version games playable on the 1.5 firmware version. The most sucessful one to this date has been to decrypt the BOOT.BIN and the PRX in order to make them playable under the 1.5 firmware version using an ISO Loader.

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Backuping UMD images to PC and creating psp roms of the commercial games will be
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- 0157 Toca Race Driver 2 Pal MUPSP
- 0158 SSX On Tour USA ARTiSAN
- 0159 FIFA Soccer 06 USA ARTiSAN
- 0160 Gretzky Nhl 2006 USA ARTISAN
- 0161 Sarugetchu P KOR pSyPSP
- 0162 FIFA Soccer 06 GER PGS
- 0163 Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects GER PGS
- 0164 The Con USA ARTiSAN
- 0165 X-Men Legends II USA ARTiSAN
- 0166 Nouryoku Trainer Portable JAP Caravan
- 0167 Tenchi No Mon KOR pSyPSP
- 0168 Burnout Legends KOR pSyPSP
- 0169 FIFA 06 ITA DvB
- 0170 Fifa 2006 EUR FRENCH PSP WAR3X
- 0171 Marvel Nemesis Rise Of The Imperfects EUR
- 0172 GTA: Liberty City Stories ARTiSAN
- 0170 Fifa 2006 EUR FRENCH PSP WAR3X
- 0171 Marvel Nemesis Rise Of The Imperfects EUR
- 0172 GTA: Liberty City Stories ARTiSAN
- 0173 Shinseiki Genso SSII Unlimited Side JAP
- 0176 Pursuit Force EUR WAR3X
- 0177 Kao Challengers PAL WAR3X
- 0178 The Hustle : Detroit Streets USA ARTiSAN
- 0179 SSX On tour PAL MUPSP
- 0181 Nba Live 06 SPA EnDoR
- 0182 Twisted Metal Head On EUR JENOVA
- 0183 Star Wars Battlefront 2 USA MoOSE
- 0184 Mobile Police Patlabor Minimum JAP
- 0185 Star Wars Battlefront II EUR PSP-PGS
- 0186 Grand Theft Auto LCS EUR MULTi5 PSP-MUPSP
- 0187 SOCOM US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo ARTiSAN
- 0188 Lord Of The Rings: Tactics USA ARTiSAN
- 0189 La Corda d'Oro JAP PSP
- 0190 Fukufuku no Shima JPN PSP-Caravan
- 0191 Gripshift EUR WAR3X
- 0192 Need For Speed Most Wanted USA ARTiSAN
- 0193 Legend Of Heroes USA PSP ARTiSAN
- 0194 Kingdom of Paradise USA ARTiSAN
- 0195 Infected USA ARTiSAN
- 0196 Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire USA ARTiSAN
- 0197 Virtua Tennis: World Tour KOR psyfer
- 0198 Crash Team Racing USA PSP-MoOSE
- 0199 WRC World Rally Championship EUR MULTI5
- 0200 Pro Evolution Soccer 5 pSyPSP
- 0201 Nfs Most Wanted 5 1 0 EUR WAR3X
- 0202 Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch GER PGS
- 0203 Vulcanus: Seek And Destroy KOR pSyPSP
- 0204 Yarudora Portable: Yukiwari no Hana CN WRG
- 0206- Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire MULTI5
- 0207 X-Men Legends II GER Sushi
- 0145 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 USA ARTiSAN
- 0147 Frogger Helmet Chaos USA PSP-ARTiSAN
- 0148 Medievil Resurrection USA PSP-pSyPSP
- 0149 Namco Museum Battle Collection Pal eLk
- 0150 Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects ARTISAN
- 0152 NBA Live 06 ARTISAN
- 0153 Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf 2006 PAL Lightforce
- 0154 Sangokushi VI JAP
- 0155 NBA Street Showdown JAP caravan
- 0156 Virtua Tennis World Tour USA Hack websites did release the launchers, but did not release the ISOs due to copyright law.
- 0127 Coded Arms PAL MULTI5 WAR3X
- 0128 Rockman Dash 2 JAP
- 0129 Burnout Legends PAL PSP-DAGGER
- 0131 Winning Eleven 9 Ubiquitous Evolution JAP
- 0132 Gripshift USA PSP-ARTiSAN
- 0133 World Series of Poker USA PSP-MOoSE
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