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TThe SuperPass is the SuperCard’s own commercial PassMe solution. Coupled with the SuperCard, the SuperPass allows gamers with a DS to play homebrew and commercial DS roms cheaply and effectively.

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I found the SuperPass + SuperCard combination a very effective mean of playing DS roms. It boasts many great features that elevate it above the ordinary GBA flashcart using NDSpatcher or LoadMe, such as a multi-boot loader and proper on cart save support (being able to backup your saves onto the computer as well!). Hopefully we can expect more software updates in the future allowing for better compatibility, but as it stands at the moment it is not so bad. While not offering the same amount of functionality that the M3 and G6-Flash are said to have, the SuperCard looks to be shaping into the ‘must-have’ cheaper alternative.

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ds superpassAbout DS Super Card Pass Key
For those that don’t know what a PassMe is, I’ll explain what it does. The SuperPass fits into the DS slot and a DS game fits into it. Combined with the SuperCard, the SuperPass allows commercial and homebrew DS roms to be played. The original DS game inserted into the SuperPass (any original DS game card will work) is used to bypass the DS’s encryption and boot DS code from the GBA slot.
I am happy to say that the SuperPass is constructed infinitely better than the SuperCard CF. The plastic actually feels strong and durable compared to the cheap and flimsy SuperCard CF plastic (my SuperCard CF seems to be warping in my DS, it’s a very tight fit). The SuperPass seems like a really nice commercial PassMe solution, certainly one any SuperCard owner should consider, even if it’s just to get a matching purple set sticking out of your DS. A very, very important thing to mention is that unlike the PassKey or Ewin PassMe the SuperPass does not curve under the DS system. It sticks straight out rather than double back underneath to try and hide its bulk. This is certainly a positive because you can sit the DS down on a flat surface whereas you can’t with the PassKey or Ewin PassMe. Anyone who has ever played Meteos will know that being able to sit your DS on a flat surface while playing is a god-send and highly essential considering the touch screen playing style of the DS.

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The SuperPass has a nice fit with the DS and the game card fits into it just fine. There is one thing to note however, if you take out the SuperPass just make sure you actually press it in until you hear the definite ‘click’ before yanking it out. Sometimes you have to fiddle with it while putting it in and taking it out; you have to push it just that little bit more. Overall it fits snugly and is in no danger of getting in the way of your gaming pleasures. Sure it sticks out, but when the DS’s lid is open and you’re playing you don’t even notice it.

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